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H60 confused


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I just installed an H60 into this machine and im not sure if everything is where its supposed to be.... my idle temps are mid 30s-low 40s


if the fan rpms look low can you tell me how to speed them up?


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Yes, the pic is tiny, even enlarged. It looks like the fan speed is ~800 - 1000 RPM. That would depend on settings of the boards fan speed control software, or whatever is being used. I've seen better idle temps, but your loads temps are excellent.


Given that this is a question about a H60, the pump speed should be ~4200 RPM. If it actually is at ~2200 RPM, the header it is connected to needs the fan speed control used on it deactivated.


But, given that load temp, all seems great the way it is now.


I'm always surprised at the difference in CPU temps between over clocked and standard speed situations. My i7-930, a 130W TDP CPU, when run at stock settings (2.8 - 3.06GHz), will max out in the low 50's C, while my i7-2600k, a 95W TDP CPU, at 4.6GHz, hits 70 C. If you're having heat issues, and OCing, just go back to stock speeds for a while.

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