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H100 Scythe ultra Kaze


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A UKz is a 38mm depth fan, I have one so I put a ruler on it to judge the screw length.


As always, the screw must be a 6-32 size and thread. 1.5" is to short, so 1.75" will work. Some might say that is a bit long, but I've used 1.5" instead of the standard 1.25", they work just fine.


Since it will be difficult finding a 1.75" screw, you'll need to get at least a 2" screw, and cut some off with a hacksaw.


Cut one screw and try it, if it works, cut the rest, if not adjust up or down from there.


I buy long screws and cut them to whatever length I need, works great.

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Yes , the screws do not run all the way through. They are secured from each side of the RAD. You only need enough to go through the fan itself and about 3/16 to 1/4 of an inch beyond that to screw into the radiator.


You might try a local hobby shop if the hardware store does not have them. Personally, i like the hobby shops, they seem to have a really good assortment of odd ball size screws. At least the ones here around my location.

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