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FW 1.3.3 & Force 3 60G/90G experiences


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Hi all, I saw the FW 1.3.3 was up and decided to flash my 2 new Force 3 60G & 90G drives. I ran AS-SSD Benchmark before (w/FW 1.3.2) and afterwards and I must say the performance with 1.3.3 is poor, especially with the 90G. Here are some b4/after pix:


Force 3 60G b4:



Force 3 60G after:



Force 3 90G b4:



Force 3 90G after:



I ran these tests several times to be sure and the numbers sure don't lie. I'm rather curious as to why so minimally affected with the 60G over the 90G and I've also noticed that somewhat slower writes with the 60G over the 90G, is this the norm for smaller to larger drives?

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Did you do a secure erase after updating the firmware? Also, test with ATTO.
Hi Wired, I can toss up some ATTO runs later on but why is it necessary for a secure erase? I went from 1.3 when I received my drives to 1.3.2 after OS install, then to 1.3.3 and then back to 1.3.2 with no ill effects whatsoever, same test results. Also is there a preferred app and procedure for secure erasing Corsair drives?I have BF3 on the 60G and my OS on the 90G, thanks.
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