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H60 Intake - rear or top?


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I have a fractal design r3 with 2 fans - 1 front intake and 1 rear exhaust.

Could use some advice on whether to move my exhaust to the top seing that the H60 will replace it as an intake, or can I use the H60 on top and keep my rear exhaust?


Havent seen any pictures of the H60 as an intake on top, only rear so im automatically thinking its not possible or fortunate.


any advice is welcome!

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It is perfectly possible to fit radiator to top with fans blowing out as long as you reverse the exhaust fan at rear of case to blow into case to create an air flow into back and out of top.

Or you could just fit the rear exhaust to top exhausting air and fit H60 radiator to rear with air blowing into case.

But you could try both and see which gives best results.

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