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What about all of us with "older" SSD drives, as F60?


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What about all of us with "older" Corsair SSD drives?

I have three Corsair F60GB2 drives which also uses Sandforce controllers.

All 3 computers, Dell, Lenovo and Asus, all suffer the same issues.

BSOD, missing from BIOS and hang issues at powersave recovery.


Will there be a firmware update available for these models too, or are we left behind to suffer more?




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They are all running FW2.0.

Win7 on all three computers.

AHCI on.

Tried "all" solutions and suggestions from this forum with no luck.


Ordered a ASUS Zenbook today. It comes with SSD so I guess i'll RMA one of the drives and hope the replacement disk will be fixed.

I have to admit tho - i am pretty dissapointed with Corsair SSD and, with all honesty, stopped recommending them to friends.

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