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Force 3 firmware update problem.


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I had the same issue with AMD sata drivers which I bet you have installed... My steps to install latest firmware...


- Make sure you are running in AHCI mode and not IDE

- De-install (AMD SATA Controller) which is under control panel / hardware and sound / device manager / IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.

- Restart the pc after AMD SATA Controller is de-installed

- Win7 will install generic MS AHCI controller upon reboot.

- Disk drives will be found again via windows / rebooted

- Win 7 then auto updated the MS AHCI controller / rebooted

- As long as windows does not install anything else at this point or ask for another reboot (which it may if it has to discover the drives again after the update), run the corsair tool and all should work.

- Restart the pc once you get the green checkmark in the corsair tool.

- Last, update latest AMD AHCI controller to 11.9 from the AMD site as it is finally better IMO than the generic microsoft ahci drivers and measures faster speed wise. (did for me)

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