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Computer restarting without warning during gaming


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Hi there,


I hope this is the correct place to put this thread.


I'm having an issue with my computer that may be a result of the PSU.


I just built this new rig (specs in profile) and the following problem occurs.


Whilst gaming my computer will restart without warning, no BSOD no nothing. Now this was happening after about 20 minutes of gaming in Crysis. At the time I was using an old silverstone PSU which apparently was not up to the task. So I purchased the Corsair HX650 which should be more than enough to power a

single GTX 580 (is this correct?). Everything looked fine, I could play Crysis fine. Then I tested the computer under Prime95. The computer would restart within 2 minutes of starting the test.


I _believe_ an energy saving feature of my motherboard was turned on, so I deactivated that and everything seemed to be ok again. Could run Prime95 for 20minutes+ without restart so I believe that this solved the problem.


However once again, after an hour or so of gaming my computer restarted.


Does this sound like an issue relating to the PSU??


I should mention all temperatures are completely fine, barely break 50C during torture testing with Prime95, and GPU 70C during Furmark.


Any help would be greatly appreciated - saved up a lot to afford this computer in time for BF3, and now it looks like I wont be able to play it :[pouts:

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Sorry I should have been more clear in my description.


I've mainly noticed it whilst gaming because I tend to do a lot of it.

It has however crashed during Prime95 blend tests. This is irregular I might add. It use to happen within the first 2 minutes of a blend. I am now not seeing the same problem arise.


I have disabled 'turbo boost' on the CPU. Also I have manually set my memory clock speed and timings. I have a feeling the automatic setting may have been causing some trouble. Is this possible?


Will consider running some memtests soon.

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UPDATE: In Event Viewer it states:


Critical 24-Oct-11 10:16:58 PM Kernel-Power 41 (63)

Critical 23-Oct-11 1:37:10 PM Kernel-Power 41 (63)

Critical 23-Oct-11 1:10:35 PM Kernel-Power 41 (63)

Critical 23-Oct-11 1:08:31 PM Kernel-Power 41 (63)

Critical 23-Oct-11 2:10:18 AM Kernel-Power 41 (63)

Critical 22-Oct-11 3:11:36 AM Kernel-Power 41 (63)

Critical 22-Oct-11 1:52:36 AM Kernel-Power 41 (63)

Critical 22-Oct-11 1:26:25 AM Kernel-Power 41 (63)


'The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.'


I believe these coincide with my resets.


Does anyone know what these mean?



EDIT: Apparently these errors are often caused by conflicting audio drivers. Sure enough I have nVidia HD audio and RealTEK onboard audio drivers both active. I have since deactivated the nVidia HD Audio drivers. Praying this solves it. Seems weird that a Prime95 test would induce an error produced by an audio driver conflict, though.

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Not really both drivers were trying to access the same resources and caused that issue, most likely if you update the drivers for both Audio devices it will not happen but I would just disable the on Board audio
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Memtest after 7 passes revealed no errors.


Well i've deactivated the nVidia HD audio as I don't use the HMDI port, and I have also deactivated the Intel Turbo Boost. Will update if the problem still occurs. If anyone has any ideas I would still love to hear them.


RAM GUY - Do you think this sounds like it could be PSU related? Do you think the PSU should be up to the task of running my system?



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