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Please help water cool new 600T SE!

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Hi guys,


I am picking up a corsair 600T SE after work tomorrow to upgrade my current rig to a water cooling setup. This will be my first attempt at water cooling and I am in need of some guidance.


Anyways, my goal here is to achieve a silent PC. Also, I am looking to upgrade my graphics card to a GTX580 around Holidays and adding it to the loop as well. With that said, please advise me on which water cooling parts would I need to sustain a decent oc (currently at 4.5Ghz 1.352V with load temps of 71C max) while keeping the noise very low. I would be happy with cpu load temps within the 50C mark. Price wise, I'd like to budget $600cad tops for the water cooling parts.


My current plan is to install the phobya 200mm rad in the front of the case, while modding the top to fit a 360mm rad. As for what 360, I honestly have no idea as to which one fits the low fan speed while maintaining decent cooling configuration I'm looking for.


For the res, I'd like to use the ek 150ml multi option. Now which pump to pair that up with is what I'm needing guidance on.


Then comes fittings, ideally I would like compression fittings. As for what size, still undetermined. Tubing I'll go with primochill lrt.


Cpu block, xspc raystorm. If I've missed out on anything, please feel free to correct my blunders. Thanks for reading, I look forward to completing this build and sharing with the community.


Current system:


cpu - i5 2500k @ 4.5Ghz 1.352 volts

motherboard - asus miv-e

video card - msi gtx570

ram - ****** 8gb 1866 cas9

hdd - intel 80gb ssd + hitachi deskstar 2tb

optical drive - pioneer dvr 212

psu - silverstone strider 850w gold

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hi there the 360 rad is going to be limited by its thickness as you cant put anything thicker than about 35mm above the motherboard. I have used a magicool 360 rad in mine. As for the 200mm rad the standard corsair 200mm case fans are a nightmare to screw into the fan adapter plate through the case. So be careful and think it through. I/m using EK 7/16 - 5/8 fittings they seem really nice to me.
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Hi again,


After some reading I've decided on the following:


360 rad - xspc ex360

200 rad - phobya extreme

cpu block - xspc raystorm

res - ek multi opt 150ml

pump - mcp355

fittings - g1/4 7/16"ID 5/8"OD compression (deciding between EK or bitspower)

tube - primochill lrt 7/16"


With regards to the pump and res, is there a fitting that will connect both? Kind of like a g1/4 to g1/4 fitting. Or would my only option be a straight fitting to tube to another fitting? Also, what are recommended 200mm fans that I can upgrade the front intake to? Looking for silence is key, then performance.


Almost ready to hit the order button!

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