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500R Front usb 3.0 not working (sort of)


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The front 3.0 ports on my 500r are not working properly.


I have installed the most recent version of the drivers from my mobo manufacturer (asus). The weird part is that for a few moments immediately after installing the drivers the 3.0 ports will work.


If I have a thumb drive in the port when I install the drivers it will get power and be accessible for about 10 seconds then immediately disappear.


If I watch device manager when doing this I can see the 2 unknown devices (3.0 ports which I have intentionally uninstalled prior to re installing the drivers each time) become identified and show up properly momentarily. However after a few seconds I lose them and device manager shows the unknown device under the USB section of the device listings.


Also: even when the 3.0 ports are not working properly they are powered. My external HDD lights up when plugged in but no data is transmitted.


Any idea whats going on here?

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