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600T SE HDD bay questions


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I want to move my HDD to one of the top 5.25 bays so I can take out both of the HDD cages, how would I go about doing that?. I already took one out and moved the other down next to the psu, but if I can fit it to one of the top bays I can just go ahead and take out both of them. Having the cage next to the psu makes it difficult to fit all of the wires and I'd like nothing obstructing the airflow of the front intake fan.


Also a little off topic but I'm planning on getting another gpu to run in sli and was wondering if you guys could advise me on what fans to get to put on the side panel to blow some cool air on them?


Any help is appreciated!

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Not sure of your global location?? For the 1st half of your question, you might well be looking for something like this....... http://www.scan.co.uk/products/sharkoon-vibe-fixer-pro-mounting-adaptor-for-25-35-hdd-into-a-35-525-bay


As for the fans, (whilst trying not to breach Corsair's forum rules) :cool: .....


......You can fit up to 4 x 120mm's on the mesh side panel if you use the pre-drilled holes with grommets. (Obviously, you could slightly mod the side mesh yourself to take a single high air flow 200mm, 220mm or 230mm fan, etc, etc, IF you so desired).


Do you want outright performance and maximum airflow to cool your SLI build?? A balance of performance and noise? Or, keep things as quiet as possible??


Fans, are often simply an issue of personal preference, past experience, or, good old aesthetics :D:. Again, do you want some nice LED fans to light up your build? Or, just some plain and simple fans, etc?


Personally, if I had a pair of expensive high end 580's, I'd want maximum cooling performance and airflow blowing down onto my GFX cards, and I'd deal with the noise lol. But, having said that, if you get 4 x 120mm fans anyway, it would also be a good idea to get a 3rd party fan controller to adjust the speed/airflow/noise of the additional fans installed on the side panel as required, giving you the best of all the possibilities.


"Gentle Typhoon's" are a popular option and highly rated, Another manufacturers "Viper" or "Apache", are also very good fans :biggrin:. The Gentle Typhoons are also produced in 4 different speed variations dependant upon your specific requirements. Googling them will make it easy for you to look them up :).


Hunt around and shop about ultimately, then choose given your own preferences.


Just bare in mind that when making comparisons with different fan manufacturers, that when it comes to the rated speeds and airflow, a standard measurement is used so you know how fast they'll spin up to, and how much air they'll move. I.E. speed is measured in RPM's, and airflow measured in CFM's. Static pressure shouldn't be an issue for the use you want them for, unless you want them to also be used in other area's of your build, otherwise, don't worry too much about static pressure.


When it comes to the measuring of the noise fans make (in dBa's).......There is no set industry standard that ALL manufacturers use to record noise. Some may well report very low dBa's, but we have no idea if they are recording that noise level with the fans at very low speeds, or even with the sound recording equipment being 2 feet away from the source of noise, or 20 feet away!!!!!!! In that respect, it's a bit of a minefield.


Thus, it's generally best to choose your fans based on the manufacturer's rated speeds and airflow, but otherwise don't put too much faith in specific dBa measurements.

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