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Does Secure Erase really help with BSODs?


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Hey guys, my Crosair Force GT 120 came with firmware 1.3. I flashed it to 1.3.2 and then re-installed Windows without doing a secure erase.


I hadn't used the drive much until that point so don't have a "before" picture, but when I did start using it in this state, I would get BSODs every hour or so.


Is it possible that the secure erase will fix this? Reading the many guides on the internet, all of them seem rather risky and dangerous, and I simply can't afford to brick a $300 drive which I wouldn't then be able to return to the store!!


Thus, I just wanted to get some thoughts about whether or not the Secure Erase would make a difference.




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Secure erase doesn't "fix" anything, however it does make sure there's no way any data's on the drive and so you know you have a clean slate. Use Parted Magic to do a secure erase.



Thank you so so much, this actually looks manageable (didn't see it mentioned anywhere so far). I'll give this a go now and let you know how it goes.

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Hey mate, just wanted to say thanks again, the procedure worked without a hitch and I now just imaged my OS back onto the drive (had installed the OS on my WD to prove stability).


The system ran without a hitch for 2 days straight on the WD so I will give the Corsair GT a chance for the next few hours to see if I BSOD again.


P.S.: Just realised there was indeed a sticky on this but without the keyword "secure erase" which is mentioned everywhere, I missed it.

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