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GS 700 odd sounds


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Hello, I received this power supply on the 10th of October this year and it has worked perfectly up until three days ago.


Now I have noticed a noise like an odd, high pitch clicking and popping sounds. Kinda sounds like a continuous small leak dripping onto hollow aluminum.

At first I thought it was the hard drive until i noticed that this sound does not start up till after the power supply's fan runs for a minuet or two. There are no wires in the way of the fan and I can not seem to figure out what is going on. I have also noticed that the sound goes away sometimes, usual when playing a video or video game.


Is my power supply going bad already?

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Turns out it was the power supply failing. Fan would not run on start up and after the case would heat up it would only run the fan for a few minuets before grinding to a stop. Sounded like the ball-bearings were not lubricated properly. So I had to take the power supply out of the computer, it started to generate so much heat that the sticker decals on other items in the computer, like the graphic card, were falling off.


Disappointed in quality of that power supply.

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