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Fixed my Freezing/BSOD


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Hi there,

upgraded my pc on Friday with a new motherboard, memory, cpu and a Corsair Force 3 120 GB ssd as boot disc. Installed Windows 7 64-bit without no problems but got some issues after all during normal pc usage. I got an "unexpected error" message after five hours usage forcing me to shutdown the system. Next reboot the ssd was missing in the bios and the pc had to be cut from power supply for a few seconds to get this fixed. Later on I got a freez in a loading screen playing Codemasters F1 2011. This resulted also in a ssd missing when rebooting the machine.


This forced me to look after some solutions which I found in upgrading the firmware of the Corsair ssd to 1.3.2. I also upgraded the bios of my Asus P8H64 motherboard to the latest version. What should I say. After several hours gaming, surfing and mailing around, the systems seems to run quite well. I'm now able to enjoy the enormous speed advantage and I'm still impressed. It's my first ssd and well, I was close to switch back to a hdd drive. I'm happy that I didn't do it.


Anyway, as far as I can see, it's hardly recommended to anyone out there with problems running a ssd to upgrade bios and switch to the latest Corsair ssd firmware.




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