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Voyager GT 4GB Failing on Win7 Pro but works great on XP Pro


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This is regarding a very used 4GB drive (purchased at first release). I have not been able to form a search that helped me.

On Win XP Pro is works just fine and on W7 Pro SP1 it will take no kidding 5 minutes to mount. We have checked the ready boost stuff, antivirus and malware scan possible effects but they are not the issue. There is no apparent Task Manager process chewing on the drive in W7. I suspect the drive because the other two GT 4 GB I purchased are still working great on both XP and W7 with no such odd effects.


Could it be wearing out?

Can I test it to see if it is?

Can anyone point me to a web site or post that might help figure this out?


This was a heavily used dirve and if at end of life I am not dissapointed.

I still recommend and purchase Corsair memory products almost exclusively as I have for over 10 years.


Thank you

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If it's working OK on XP, I'd say something is wrong with its entry in the registry, not with the flash drive itself. Find its VID and PID (for instance using ChipGenius), then run regedit and go to HKLM\System\CurrentControl Set\ENUM\USB, find the key with the correct VID&PID, open it and you'll see a subkey which name is its serial number. Now open HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\ENUM\USBSTOR and you'll see many keys like this:


Open the key Disk&Ven_Corsair&Prod_VoyagerGT&Rev_1100 (maybe yours will be a different Rev or have no Rev at the end) and you'll see subkeys which names are serial numbers with an "&0" appended. Select the one with the correct serial number and delete it and all it's subkeys. Close regedit and insert the flash-drive. It should be redetected, and hopefully your problem with slow detection will be gone. Good luck!

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