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Was I sent an opened 650D instead of a sealed one?


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Hey guys,


Just received my Corsair Obsidian 650D (Bought online). Beautiful case and all, but when I removed it from the box and pulled its black cloth I noticed that it didn't have a plastic film protecting its front and a tape keeping the top compartment closed. Now, normally I wouldn't think anything of it, but I read a lot of reviews of this case before purchasing it, and nearly all of them have unboxing pictures and descriptions showing the front of the case wrapped in plastic.


Searching through this forum, there are also several pictures of 650Ds fresh off their boxes that show said protective wrap.


Now my question is - Is it possible that Corsair stopped using that protective layer or did someone sell me a used case as a sealed box?


If the store I bought it from also had retail locations I'd just assume they sent me the display unit, but as a virtual store they have no real reason to have an unpacked unit at all.

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If they claimed it was new then call them and ask.


And No, why would they stop using the protective film and get the case scratched during shipping? Most likely you bought a used one.


The virtual store supplies comes from the Retail locations. When you order it the seller will ask for your address and they will contact the nearest retail store to your address and send it.


Yes it may have been a display unit but inspect it, If there are nearly no scratches and all the accessories are inside you can use it.

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