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2x CMP8GX3M2A1600C9 on Asus Maximus IV extreme


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ive got a question on the CMP8GX3M2A1600C9 Ram

i wanted to build this system:


cpu: intel i7 2600k

mainboard: Asus maximus Iv extreme

Ram: 2x CMP8GX3M2A1600C9

OS: windows 7 home premium 64 bit



in the memory finder i couldnt find the CMP8GX3M2A1600C9 listed for my board

could you say me if i can run the Ram with all 16 gb and a frequenz of 1600 mhz on the Asus maximus Iv extreme

ive read somewhere that the i7 2600k dont likes a ram voltage of 1.65 v


so can i run the ram with 1,65V and all other specs or have i to run it on 1,5V and 1333mhz


i know the vengeance series is the best ram for 1155 but i got in love with the dominators


sorry for my bad english actually i´m from germany but theres nobody to answer my questions

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That would most likely be unstable. More than likely not even POST. If you want a kit to run at 1600mhz at 1.5v go with the Vengeance series modules.


There is ALOT of debate over the voltage issue between 1.65v and 1.5v memory being used with the Sandybridge CPU's. Intel states that you should not go over !.5v with those CPU's but i have also seen plenty of rigs on the net built with Dominators and Sandy's. I guess in this case it would boild down to what you feel comfortable with. If you dont mind ignoring intel and taking a chance on burning out the memeory controller, go with the Doms.


I'm in the same boat . I'm hoping to build another rig in a year or so , and i sure would hate to loose my Dominators. I believe they are the best modules hands down!

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ive seen this page many times

but could you recomend my a kit


and ive also seen this kit CMT8GX3M4A1866C9

its on the recomendet page for the board and i also seen this kit on amazon but when i click on this kit ( normaly a new page opens with the details) then i only get an empty page

could you explain me that

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but would you recomend this RAM for the board or is vengeance the only possibility for me


and im still looking for an option with dominator RaM


and i still want to know if the 8gb dominator 1866mhz kit would run on the board


here the link of german amazon



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Did you see my post above klaus about the dominators?


I don't know about getting them to 1866 or not. That will depend on your CPU's memory controller. Some will , some wont.


I found that first kit a few places...seems like they are either discontinued or out of stock. Not sure if they are being made anymore or not.




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This was actually brought up in another thread a few days ago. There are a few dominator kits that are 1.5v I know for sure that one of them is an 1866mhz kit. But you could still run them at 1600mmhz if you wanted.


Oh wait, here it is....CMT8GX3M2A1866C9

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