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F60GBGT-BK - Poor Performance


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x3 CSSD-F60GBGT-BK in Raid 0 w/128k Stripe.

AMD Raid Controller on Asus M4A89 Pro MB



MB-BIOS updated to latest build

SDD Firmware flashed to 1.3.2 (on all three drives)

Windows 7 Patched + Drivers installed

Windows 7 Optimized for SSD performance (via reputable locations and hours of reading)


Testing Software

HD Tune Pro 4.60



(see attacedment)

It appears that my Read speeds are lacking. No matter what i do, i cannot get them to reach acceptable levels. I am no pro with SSD's yet, although i would imagine that with these three drives, i would recieve a read speed higher than 369.6 MB/s. I thought one drive alone would reach roughly 555 MB/s (according the advertisements/box).


How can i go about troubleshooting what the root cause could be?






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I wonder why it is that others who are running raid-0 with these drives are able to use HD Tune without complications; and show accurate results.


How do i read those results correctly. Do i take the numbers on the left (128k) since that is my stripe size and consider that my speed. Or are these numbers on the left reflective of file-size?



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I flashed the drives to version 1.3.3 which just came out two days ago. Please see attachments for visual aid.

The speeds did not change much. If you look at the Windows 7 Resource Monitor you can see im doing about 420mb write and 375 read.


ATTO states im doing 1gig transfer. :confused:

HD Tune states im running 345mb Max! :confused:


I would have imagined that with a SSD my read speeds would be a straight horizontal line (more less) not so much a up/down graph.


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