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Flash Voyager GT And GT 3.0 Failures

M.F.C. Cheaters

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I've just had my fourth Voyager failure in 6 months. I had a 16 GB Voyager GT for just under a year and it worked flawlessly. I bought a 32 GB Voyager GTR because I wanted more space. Shortly after purchasing my 32 GB GTR my 16 GB GT failed and I received an RMA for it. Then shortly after Receiving my 32 GB GTR it failed also. I saw that the GTR's had a firmware issue so I received an RMA for that one, and it was replaced with a Voyager GT 3.0. Within 2 months my 16 GB GT failed again and now my 32 GB GT 3.0 has failed also after only about one month or less of actual use. What is going on? I always eject my drives properly so that isn't an issue. The only change I've made in the last 6 months is the addition of a new Dell XPS laptop. I have lost a lot of data in the process. I'm having a hard time trusting these drives, any advice is greatly appreciated.
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