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H100 Issue


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I just swapped my system from a P180B case with H50 cooler to a 400R with a H100 cooler. System would intermittently power up. I noticed that when it wouldn't power up, it would cycle up, then off again, so I suspected CPU overheat. I left it off for a while, then powered it up and jumped into BIOS quickly to see temps, and sure enough, the CPU temp would climb to 85 degrees and the box would cycle off.


At one point, after letting it cool off, I powered it up again as above, jumped into BIOS, looked at the temps, and they were up around 70 but then dropped down to 29 or so. Then they's start climbing back up, then drop again. Finally they climbed back to 85 and powered down again.


The fans are all on normally during this time, and the LEDs on the heatsink/pump appear normal. I've tried switching to high-performance on the HS while this is going on, but no difference. Power connections to the HS/pump are good, no changes to lights/fans if I wiggle them during the power cycle.





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If you have the three pin fan header connection from the pump connected to your board, you could try to check the pump's speed in your BIOS, which should be ~2000 RPM. If it isn't, or the speed seems erratic, you may have a pump issue.


You should also check for a solid connection of the pump to the CPU. That is, by trying to twist and pull gently on the pump, to insure it is making a solid, constant connection with the CPU.

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