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600T - front USB3 performs as USB2


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I have the Graphite 600T and I am generally happy with it.But I have a problem with the front USB3 and I wanted to check with you.


The motherboard is an ASUS P8Z68-V Pro and the USB3 test disk a Western Digital Passport Essential updated to the latest firmware and windows drivers.


I have installed the USB3 bracket ASUS provided in the rear,

connected the bracket to the onboard connector (USB3 20-1pin USB3_34) and

connected the case cable on the bracket's port.


Now, If I connect the disk directly on the USB3 on-board ports all is fine.If I

connect it to the case USB3 port I get USB2.0 speeds.


Any ideas?


Thank you.

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I have a 600T case as well and my MB is the Asus P8P67 PRO Rev 3.0. Have you found a solution to the problem of getting the USB 3.0 working on the front panel? My cable hangs out of the back of the case (very inelegant) and is a male connector.
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