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My corsair warranty issue, warning to all!


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RMA #1250829

My corsair warranty issue, warning to all!



This has been drawn out issue, and I want to give you an idea of the amount of frustration this has been.


Like most people who have been having issues with the sandforce 3 controllers, I was onto my 3rd drive, after posting about the drawn out issues of waiting for replacements, I had drive in my pc for 2 weeks out of the 3 months I owned it.

After stating that I should have went the intel branded ssd, I received a pm from Yellow Beard offering myself a 240 Marvell controller for the drama, to which I jump at.


I filled out the RMA form, and the swap was organised.


Two weeks later I was curious as to how far the drive will be off from arriving, I follow the link that was sent to me to check out the status, to my amazement it came back as error, no RMA found.


I send an email away waiting for a reply, but after a week I was becoming annoyed, so I placed a post in the forum, and low and behold, I receive a reply about it.


I was informed that the RMA was sent to be processed, but since that model was discontinued the RMA was cancelled and nothing was said and no conformation regarding this came to me.


After sending another email back saying this was unacceptable and you need to look at their process's so this does not happen again, I was offered the 240 sandforce 3 or the sandforce 2 controller, and as a good will gesture a USB 3 16 thumb drive.


After informing corsair about my mistrust of the Sandforce 3 controller with reading the issue is far from solved, im forced to accept the sandforce 2 as I can no longer send the drive back for a refund and purchase an intel.


At this point, the reply I received was that a supervisor was going to call and speak to me to try and resolve the issue, I waited for the call which never arrived.

I then fired off another email asking what happened, to which I received a reply that the phone I gave them did not work, another email providing 3 numbers to get the call, I receive an email saying the sandforce 2 controller was sent.


I now have the drive, and after 3 days of resetting up my pc is nearly sorted out.


This has been over a 6 week period from start to finish, and has left a bad view of the company.


I still expect a phone call over this matter, but I don’t believe we happen now, to which im far from happy from this massive malfunction from corsair.

After being promised one thing and then being forced to settle on an old technology is a disgrace.


I have kept a full copy of all the emails back and fourth if people wish to see this.

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