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Corsair H50. Advice on a second fan please


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currently using the oem corsair fan in an exhaust setup. Temps inside the case are just as cool as the outside ambient. GPU (gtx 460) has a rear exhaust, not a worry. Take my word, it's cool inside my case even with load.



26C ambient


Load: low - mid 40's C. High 40's if I am playing bc2 for couple of hours.


I have $15 to spare only at amazon.com. What fan should I buy? I would like to do a push/pull configuration with the corsair fan included with the H50.



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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry we do not specify fans that you can use, only that I would get fans that are about the same spec as our fan, which are:

1300-2000 RPM

26-30 Dba Noise

about 60 CFM Air flow

2.6 Static Pressure

It may be easier to just purchase two fans a set rather trying to math this fan and if you get one that is not the same , use our fan to face the cooler and the other fan to suck air away. Also before you purchase any FAN I would do a Google search with a keyword like reviews before you buy them Many of the fans that claim good specs did not fare well in some of the reviews.

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