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HX650W - Sounds like I turned on an old CRT style TV


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Hi all,


I recently received an HX650w back from the GS600 RMA I sent in last week. I had 2 GS600s replaced already. They both exhibited a bad bearing issue twice, other than that, the PSU worked fine. I used a Xigmatek 600watt which is my backup PSU and I have no issues at all with it. I received an HX650w replacement in the mail, popped it in and I have been using it for a few days. I noticed every time when I turn the system on, it sounds like I am turning on an old TV, it gets that high pitched static noise and seems like it has some coil whine at times as well.


Is this normal for this unit? It just seems that I have been getting some really bad units lately by Corsair and I am ready to just give up here and just use my rebadged HEC Xigmatek PSU.



Thanks in advance,



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