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Hi ive recently been having problems with my DDR2 corsair dominator ram "2x1gb xms2 800mhz matched pair" it started a few months back when my computer would blue screen and i got told by a friend it could be the ram so then i bought 2 more 2x1gb ddr2 dominator memory sticks and it solved the problem since then i have run a memory test on the old sticks i have and they are coming up with 10000's of errors just wondering if there is anything i can do about warranty on them as ive just recently come across them and noticed they have warranty stickers on them.




Cheers :biggrin:

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I would proceed with the RMA as long as you purchased them from an authorized reseller. I am sorry but we would not be able to replace the modules you purchase from your friend.



no the 2nd hand ones i bought off my friend are in my pc now and running fine my original ones i bought for my pc when i built it was bought off CLLonline they are the ones i will be sending back




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