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240 force 3, win 7 install problems


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ive just got the 240 and intalled in into my laptop with no hitchs. and windows and the bios recognise it. however i cannot install windows 7 on it. it gets to the Expanding files sections and hangs.


first attempt it hung at 54% left it for 1 hours no go.

second attempt it hung at 75% and left it for 1 hour, same as above.

Third attempt it hung at 24% and same for the forth. i left the fourth attempt running 4 hours it got nowhere.


Also the bois is set to ACHI and not IDE so completely clueless now


Edit: i just installed the firmware 1.3.2 sucessfully and now it completes the installation and then does the restart, when its loading up new windows it now just tells me windows failed to install and deletes all the files.


so what now?



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