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Force 3; blue screen and SSD not detected by bios


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Hello All


First sorry for my English, I'm french and English is a big mystery for me :biggrin:


My problem:

I bought a new computer:

-SSD Corsair Force 3 120 Gb

-Asus P8P67 rev 3.1

-2 x 4Gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3

-I5 2500k

-Be quiet 680 W

- Windows Seven Pro 64 bit


I have a problem from the start, my computer freeze and 3 s after the famous blue screen appears ...

The computer will restart and the SSD is no longer recognized by the system, I have to restart the computer to start correctly.


I do not understand the problem because all the computer works fine otherwise.

This problem has been two times last night ...


Do you have a solution or else an explanation.


I read on the forums that this problem is known but not found the solution.


Small clarification I am connected to the Intel SATA 3 ports (not marvell) and I'm on firmware 1.2


An update of the ssd not improve anything? whether you have a walking track or tutorial?


Thank you to you !

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So I updated my SSD and it works for now.


We will see in time.


By the way I want to congratulate the team CORSAIR for the ease of update

In fact I have another SSD and the explanations and simple it is not at this level ...


Thank you I'll let you know if it works well!

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