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AX750 and nvidia GTX570


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Hello all,


I recently put together a new build: P8Z68-V Pro, i7 2600k, nvidia GTX570, etc powered by a Corsair AX750. I am having an issue with this unit emitting very high pitched and loud buzzing/humming under load (and sometimes not under load). Even during light usage, such as opening a web browser, there is a clearly audible noise. When running stress tests such as PCMark 7 and Prime95 the sound is so high pitched and so loud that it is unbearable (sounds like you are standing in a field of crickets chirping).


I have read several articles on here as well as the sticky'ed topic and did some troubleshooting steps.


Disabling Intel Speedstep technology and C1E in the BIOS (as well as C3 Report and C6 Report) did not do anything.


Booting into safe mode did significantly quiet the noise.


The other thing I tried was completely removing the GTX570 and running off of the on-board graphics. Doing this as well resulted in no noises.


So I have come to the conclusion that it is some sort of conflict between the GTX570 and AX750. I have tried two different drivers, 280.26 and 285.38 beta and there was no difference.


I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to try to be able to still use both of these hardware components. The noise emitted now is just unbearable and it would be a shame to have to use the on-board video instead of the GTX570. Likewise it would be a shame to have to get rid of the AX750. They both seem to be quality components, it is just this sound is unbearable.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Try to make sure that the noise is actually coming from the PSU & not the videocard, my 560Ti does this as well (although not loud enough for it to actually be an annoyance).

At first glance i also thought it was my AX750 until i figured out it was the videocard doing it.


Booting into safemode & not hearing the noise does make sense as without the drivers for the card, the card has almost no load onto it.

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Same problem with my GTX 460:




Noise still here after having RMA my PSU and receive a new one (30 euros spent), i'm currently asking to replace it a second time but without paying any euros.


The first person on the thread had the same issue but was resolve by changing his PSU by RMA it and got a new one, but for me the noise is still happening, i think i have receive a defective PSU because it makes noise with paper clip test and in 2 different computer.

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When I was doing my troubleshooting I had the AX750 all the way out of my case and on the floor, kind of isolated from the other components, so I am 99.999% sure the noise is coming from the power supply. Even with the PSU inside my case (Silverstone FT02), I can easily tell it is coming from the AX750.


I guess I would hate to RMA it through Corsair, receive a new unit, and have the same exact thing happen. I have read this to be the case in some scenarios.

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I did some other testing, let me know if this gives you folks any ideas:


Using GTX570 and i7 2600k @ 3.8ghz

Prime95 relatively quiet, still audible.

3DMark11 - clearly audible.


Using GTX570 and i7 2600k @ 4.4ghz

Prime95 - very loud

3DMark11 - louder than stock CPU clock


Using on-board GPU and i7 2600k @ 3.8ghz and 4.4ghz everything is basically quiet. Very minimal increase when running Prime95 at both clock speeds (couldn't run 3DMark 11 with onboard gpu).


So the CPU overclock seems to attribute to the noise as well, but again only with the GTX570 hooked up.

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