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firmware update > 1.3.2 question

B4rr3l Rd3r

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Hi, first of all I'm a great corsair customer and I've got a GTX2, an AX850 PSU, tons of ram from you (System integrator) and previously a P128 SSD.


I've saw you just closed a topic asking for for firmware equivalency to SF's own one.


Some manufactures like kngstn and ptrt already did it, as many others that use the generic SF firmware.


So the question is, any answer to be gave to your valuable custommers?


Corsair doesn't need to tell if they will release another firmware or not, that's their problem.



1) they could tell us wich one is beeing used, some scared won't buy but that's better than loose a lot of clients that won't buy ever again.


2) They could avoid lot's of rma costs


3) those are some really very important customers for your flagship market.


4) I wanna buy 4 SFs SSD at this momment, I won't buy it from corsair since there is no prediction on how they will solve this problem. I definately would if they do!

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