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Compatability with Gigabyte MOBO?


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I have tried everything to get my Corsair 120Gb Force GT SSD drive to work with my new rig but I finally give up. I have reverted to using my old WD velociraptor for my OS.


Can someone please tell me if this drive works with the Gigabyte GA-Z68-UD7-B2 Mobo?


I have settings to ACHI, I have re-installed Win 7 several times. I have deleted the drive and re-formatted prior to installation, I have updated the Bios and the SSD Firmware to 1.3.2 without any issues.


I can't get Win 7 to load 9 out of 10 times. It does eventually but 1 in 10 times is no good.

When it does start Windows it works fine.

Using my other drive I have no issues at all.


I sometimes even get that it doesn't find the SSD at all.


Also, while installing Windows it took forever to expand the files and i had to keep ejecting the DVD. (Win 7 DVD - not iso)


So please advise if you can.



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have you tried updating/resetting the bios? can't hurt :


I have up to date BIOS and I have reset the BIOS on 4 or 5 occasions with various settings.


The basics were to load optimised settings (which loads IDE mode) and then changing SATA to ACHI mode. Quite simple to do but hasn't helped at all.



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I have the same exact Board, while I have no problem loading and installing windows 7 , I do get random BSOD every 2-3 days.


Do you run ET6 at all?


This caused me to BSOD occasionally while playing some games. Not happened since I uninstalled.


On my issue, I feel it's a faulty drive.

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I just bought a Gigabyte board and it works fine. However, I did experience an issue at first:


If you haven't done already, update the SSD firmware making sure that you use the Intel SATA3 socket and not the Marvell one. Then enable Trim (look up how to do it on these boards)


Once I'd done this the drive worked fine.

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