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Carbide 500R Top radiator


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For someone who has or seen this case.


I've see a review which places the H100 thin (25mm) 240mm (long) rad on top of the top "plate" mounts where it fits under the mesh dust filter which actually forms the top surface of the case.


Is there room in this case for the H100 with (push) fans attached, both inside the case? If that is the situation, then the second set (pull) fans could fit on the top under the mesh, for a true push-pull fan set up.


If the above would fit, would a more standard rad like the RASA 759 RS240 rad fit there?



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I have the 500R/H100 combo and it seems to be working great inspite of some issues.


1) I could not mount the H100 radiator wfans(push) in the chassis due to MB interferance w supplied fans. My solution was to mount the fans in a pull configuration outside the chassis under the black mesh with the radiator in the chassis. The supplied hardware was OK for mounting. I do not know if this is a recommended solution.


2) I must have missed or not received documentation regarding the functions of the 500R front panel switches.


3) I must have missed or not received documentation regarding the method of selecting the fan profiles.


I would appreciate the docs if they exist.(They must as I really like Corsair!!)


Case looks cool!!

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I mounted my H100 inside my 500R just fine, complete with the ability to close the lid.


--------------- -> Lid

[==========] -> Rad

--------------- -> Case

{====}{====} -> Fans

|| || || ||

|| || || || -> Long screws


Put the long screws up thru the fans (which are inside the case), and into the rad, which is outside the case yet (of course) still inside the boundries of the "lid". Close the lid, and win hard at internal-H100-push-config-goodness.


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I tried mounting my H100 on top with fans in the case pushing air through the H100. It sounded OK until you put the mesh cover on top. So, I reversed it. I put the H100 in the case with the fans on top pulling air through the H100 and out the top. Much quieter! My preference.
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Would the top bay allow for.. say a 30mm thick radiator? What are the dimensions of the radiator bay?


Got my case, and there's at most 29mm of clearence. The only radiator I can find that will fit in there (besides the H50,60,100) is the Black Ice Pro II. 25mm thick and it performs quite nicely. I would of gone for the H100 but since I already have a loop, I went with the radiator. Anyways, I love this case, great product! :D:

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