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If your keyboards do well, consider an ergonomic model


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A market that I feel has been sorely neglected for far too long is that of ergonomic gamer keyboards. There are those of us who love to game and have done so for a long time, but have mild RSI. To deal with it, we need ergonomic keyboards, otherwise we might have to give up gaming :(. Also others simply prefer ergonomic keyboards because of the more natural hand/write position.


However for now, it has always been a choice: You can have a (reasonably) nice ergonomic keyboard like MS's offerings, or you can have a nice gamer keyboard. Never both.


I'd love to see Corsair in that market. Take the same kind of keyboard you have now, same keyswitches, same layout all that, but just split it and have the keys lined up in an ergonomic fashion for those of us who want it.


Another possibility along those lines would be a modular model. Make a K100 that is three separate pieces: A right section, a left section, and a numeric keypad. Have them so you can join them together, to make a normal keyboard, or separate them and move them around. That would let people not only use it as an ergonomic keyboard, but also simply customize the positioning. For example I know some gamers that dislike the numeric keypad since it moves the keyboard further from the mouse. So they could move it out of the way with this design.


Just give it some thought. I want a nice high end gaming keyboard with programmability and mechanical keyswitches, but I can't use a straight one.

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