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Force 3 90GB couple questions


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I recently acquired Corsair Force 3 90GB model and had some problems installing it the right way.


At first I installed it using IDE mode it was working fine, not freezing but when I did speed test, it was very slow. Then I decided to use AHCI mode and used MS drivers. The drive was a little bit faster but windows kept freezing. Then I updated to 1.3.2, and still the same problem. After that, white browsing forum and reading some other replies, I figured I would try AHCI with AMD drivers.


Took me couple tries but it installed successfully and the speeds were just a tiny bit faster, but more important windows doesn't freeze, at all. Used to freeze whenever I opened my browser or if I would try to install something or run ATTO test.


I am running Windows 7 64-bit with Asus M4A79XTD EVO motherboard with SATA 3GB/s. Motherboard doesn't support SATA 6GB/s.


My question is, how are those speeds? In ATTO, it seems fast enough but write isn't close to 270mb/s as advertized.

Also other AS SSD shows very slow speeds compare to ATTO. Any recommendation or what other test to perform?


Thank you.





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Your speeds look fine and your drive is performing up to spec given the circumstances (like Toasted says, you could try secure erasing to see if your write speeds increase, but the performance gain, if any, will most likely not be worth the hassle)


And the difference you see in ATTO vs AS SSD is normal on Force 3 because of asynchronous NAND used on the drive. Neither of the tests are really a representation of any real world usage, since no real workloads are either incompressible (AS SSD) or fully compressible (ATTO)*.

Bottom line: as long as it's performing up to spec in ATTO, don't worry - you got what you paid for.


*assuming you're using it as an OS drive, where the level of compression allowed is somewhere in between.

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