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Corsair Force F60 RAID 0 (34nm and 22nm)


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Greetings! First time post here!


I've searched the forum for a similar question like mine but I've not seen anything similar so here it is:


I've came to the point that I'm a little short in space, having a single Corsair Force F60 in my rig. So, I'm going to buy another F60.


I have a bit of a problem... Hopefully would say that I don't, I would be glad to ear it!


I've noticed that Corsair has been shipping their new SSD's in the new manufacturing process (22nm) and my SSD is older and made in the 34nm process... So my big question and I hope you can share your personal experiences with me, am I going to have problems creating a RAID 0 array using a new Force 60 (22nm) and an old one (34nm)?


What as been said to me is that the array will only be limited by the speeds of the worst performer (the 22nm?), besides that I'm ok.


Is this correct?


Hopefully you can enlighten me so I can make my decision!


Thank you ;):

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Best guess, it will "probably" work. However, this is an untested configuration so we cannot guarantee that it will or will not. The only way to know for sure is to test it yourself. You may get better information from the manufacturer of the RAID controller as they would be responsible for testing different configurations on their controller.
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