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FieldUpdater_v1.1.exe crashes Windows 7


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I bought a 120GB Force 3 SSD 2 days ago for a new build, and since installing it, I've had more bluescreens and random lockups than with any drive in the past. I have a RAID(0) of a competitor's SSDs in my gaming machine and have experienced no such problem.


To check it wasn't some other hardware in the new machine, I tried the Force 3 in an older machine and experienced the same lockups - it would fail after around 10-20 minutes on average, although sometimes within a few minutes of booting.


So I Googled around and found this model of SSD is apparently defective, and incapable of operating on a SATA3 bus for any length of time without failing - tried it on a SATA2 bus, and the same failures. Wish I'd read the reviews before buying this on impulse really.


After reading the forum here, I tried the SSD field updater, and made sure I read the instructions correctly, ran it as administrator, disabled UAC, picked the right image matching the drive ID etc. Result, the updater itself crashes Windows 7 every time I try it. The Force 3 already has firmware 1.3 installed, btw (serial # starts with 1137). I thought maybe the crash was due to me attempting to update a drive running the OS, so I installed it as an unused drive in my gaming machine, and it crashed Windows 7 there also.


I would caution anyone against buying one of these drives. I'm just hoping I can get a refund on RMA, as it's not fit for purpose. It's certainly disuaded me from buying any Corsair drives in the future, as they don't seem to be very rigorously tested - worse, they knowingly continue to sell defective hardware.

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Thank you for the reply.


I am in the process of RMA'ing the drive for a refund so that I can buy an alternative make/model. The sheer amount of unresolved problems people have been reporting about these SSDs for months (apparently) has convinced me that a like-for-like replacement would not help much.

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