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Mix 3x2GB Dom. DDR3 (XMP = 1.65v) with Veng. 3x4GB 1.5v?


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I'm guessing I should not mix RAM rated to run at XMPs with different voltages. I would have to run them both at the same voltage, correct?


I have 3x2GB DDR3 Dominator sticks that run at 1600Mhz @ 1.65v in the XMP.


I will be running a number of virtual machines for home study for some tech certifications. I was thinking about getting an additional 12GB of Vengeance DDR3.


I am thinking I might be better of going with a full new set of 24GB of RAM since it will all be specced to run at the same voltage.


Newegg has CMZ24GX3M6A1600C9 and I can also apply an additional $20 off so it comes out to a total of $152 after tax and free shipping.



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Correct, don't mix. I'd go with the 24 GB kit, but keep in mind your CPU's heat spreader. Make sure it doesn't have an issue with the height of the Vengeance series.


Thanks Wired. I still have the stock cooler. I will upgrade my cpu heatsink once I find options that will fit with the vengeance ram.

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