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Performance 3 SATA III 64GB and 128GB coexist


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I wanted to post my recent troubles so that it might help some of the others that might find themselves in the same situation. Let me state this is my first SSD drive. I purchased the Cosair 64GB back in April because I have an Asus P8P67 board with the Marvell controller so my thoughts were that the MB has the same controller as the drive so it should work together. My 64GB SSD was doing a great job and I decided I would buy a 128GB since I was running out of space on it and then I would use them both as single drives. I started Friday morning by installing the new drive after my backup had finished from Thursday night. When I got home from work (1600ish) I started my restore but that is when my problems started. I couldn't get the restore to work, then I tried a fresh install which took forever. So I disconnected the 64GB and the fresh install went great, probably less than 30 min for Win7x64SP1. So I connected the 64GB back and then the system was hanging. I tired all kinds of different ways to configure, updated BIOS, drivers, secure ease etc.... I tried running ATTO and it would not work and would hang on the 64GB so I decided maybe they both can't be on the same controller so I moved the 64GB to the Intel controller and guess what it worked or has so far with ok performance numbers.


My question to anyone that might know, why won't these work on the same controller?


Thank you to everyone that has posted in the forum because without the information on this site I would have went mad...


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