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Hi All,

I have read in various forum (including this forum) about the SSD compatibility with older intel i975x/ICH7R, mostly is have good result, but this time I'm asking a more specific since I have choose Force 2 or 3 for my SSD upgrade next month.


My MB is old (but new, have some fresh stock) and the brand is out of business means no bios update, so is it safe to move from HDD to SSD (Force 2 or 3)? I will use 2 SSD/PC (I use 2 identical PC in my work) 1 for boot and 1 for data project, and also my ROM is PATA, is there any specific issue? My real concern is the stability, the speed is second. And which one is better suite for me, Force 2 or 3?


Sorry if my question id so basic, but I need a recomendation from the support forum of the official brand that I will use.


Any reply is appreciated.


Thank You.

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The SATA standard is designed to be backwards compatible, so in that regard, should you decide to get a new system with SATA III, Force 3 is the better (newer, faster) choice.


With regards to specific quirks/compatibility issues with your setup... Things are not so clear. I'm hoping someone can chime in with some specific info for you.


But honestly, it MAY be time to upgrade to newer hardware considering the mobo maker isn't even around anymore :)

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