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New AX850W - Problem

Simon Harding

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Hi all.


We are system builders and recently undertook to build a custom PC for a client.

For this build, we used a Corsair AX850 PSU (which I have used before in a different build) and a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD4-B3 motherboard.

Upon assembling we noted that when switched on, the PSU fan spun briefly before there was a click from the PSU followed by power down.

This situation was repeated several times.

Relevant power connections from the PSU to the board were checked, including additional 4 pin CPU cables - all was as it should be.

We then tried an alternative PSU (Hiper 560W) with the board and that powered up OK, proving that the board was not faulty.

The Corsair PSU was then sent off as an RMA.


A week or so later, a replacement new AX850 was received. When connected to the same board we observed the same problem - quick fan spin followed by click and power down - almost like a short.

Connecting the alternate PSU back to the board - all OK.


I have now tested the replacement AX850 with an alternate board and it powers up correctly.


After 11 years in the PC building business I have seen my fair share of incomatibility issues - especially with RAM/Board etc - but I have never ever come across a situation where a specific PSU does not like a specific board and I am somewhat baffled as to where to go from here.


Any helpful suggestions or comments would be welcome.

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There's a window of time for the system to see the power good signal from the power supply after the voltage on the rails have stabilized; once the system is started and the motherboard signals the supply to start. If the delay is out of spec either due to the supply taking too long or the motherboard taking too long to pass the signal to the cpu the system won't boot. Sometimes a BIOS update fixes the problem with the timing on the board, as mentioned by Toasted.



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