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Internally damaged Flash memory stick 8GB


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Corsair have requested me to send them my internally damaged 8GB Flash memory stick product as it's still under warranty and also they didn't provide me with an evelope to send it back. This means that I've paid half my postage.


After sending them my product, the technical support (Whose name is not on the contact list when they responded to me) told me they were unable to provide me with a replacement product as it's physically damaged. If my product was physically damaged, it would mean that the shell is damaged but it doesn't mean that the product is internally damaged.


As a student, I used to use my product everyday in Sixth Form and lots of assignments to do.


They haven't had any quality control over the product of how many times of sliding up and down until it will internally damage.


Now they want me to send a return shipping postage to them, should it be the other way round if they were to send the product back to me? As I have already paid the first half, I shouldn't be paying the other half of the postage, the company should send me the product back without having me to pay for the return shipping postage.

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