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Att.: RAM GUY, regarding advance RMA: 1259362


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I recently bought a H100, had it for less than a week then i started to make that loud pump noise. I got an advance RMA: 1259362 paid the 113$ holding fee, got the new H100 which is working fine!


Now for my problem i have to send the H100 back to Corsair Returns Department in Netherlands, so i checked how much it would cost to send the defective H100 back (or else the 113$ will be deducted), it turns out that it will cost me 144$ to send it to Netherlands, or 62$ using the danish post office.


I paid 140$ for my H100 when i bought it from http://www.proshop.dk. In the box that came with the H100 i found a sticker saying: STOP! DO NOT RETURN THIS PRODUCT TO THE STORE" So i contacted Corsair and asked for an advance RMA... Now you ask me to send it back which will cost me more than the H100 itself (or half the price if i use the danish post):confused::eek::!:


Everywhere else i have been doing RMA's the company have paid for the delivering and the return. Why do i have to pay close to the amount that's going to be deducted from my credit card?! Why putting a sticker in the box saying that i should NOT contact the store?!


Who's paying for this? Corsair or the shop, one thing is sure... I'm not paying. Please try and help me solve this problem.

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I am sorry for the late reply but you will need to contact our customer service, you can get the number on our web site under Contact. And install Skype and call the toll free number for free. I am sorry but we cannot access the rma system from tech support.
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