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H60 dangerously low speed on pump ?


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just got my replacement H60 and it has the same noise issues as the old one. (sounds like old IDE HDD), and only thing working is laying the tower flat on the floor. Not a good solution.


Anyway, I finally managed to reduce the speed on the pump in the BIOS by setting speed manually and have it to run on 90% on all time.


This results in a silent pump, but the speed is about 3600-3750. however I read somewhere on this forum that I shouldnt go lower than 3800. So my question is this. Am I running the pump at a far too low speed ?


My I7-2600 idles now at about 33 degrees and can reach 50 degrees on load.

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Given your temperatures, you should be fine. I mentioned the 3800 RPM pump speed just as a general suggestion to be on the safe side. Another user said they operated their H60's pump at 3800 RPM, and it worked fine. A pump speed of 3600 - 3750 RPM is not that much lower, and likely won't make much difference.


The point is that the lower you go with the pump's speed, the more you need to be careful and monitor your CPU temperature. Is there a speed where suddenly the cooling performance drops off significantly? I've never heard of that, but it likely will happen at some point. That would also depend on other factors, such as where the radiator is mounted, how many fans you are using, if you OC your CPU, etc. So there is no magic number for everyone.


The bottom line here is your CPU's temperature. If you lower the pump speed and the CPU temp starts rising, you better not go any lower. Lowering the pump speed is an at your own risk thing to begin with, so be careful.

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Thanks for your reply :)

The PC think the pump is a case fan now (not sure why) but at least it makes me change the speed. Adjusted it a bit more and now it runs at 3750-3850. Still all silent. Running a few Benchmarks and Rage still manage to hold the temp. below 50 degrees.


The other option is to send in this pump on RMA as well and that leaves me to the stock cooler for a few more weeks and im not all that keen on that. So, if this keeps the pump silent then I wont complaint :)

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Well, any mother board and/or monitoring software has no idea what is connected to a fan header. A fan or pump has no way to communicate what it is either. Fan headers on mother boards are labeled by the manufacture, and the names can't be changed. The manufactures BIOS and monitoring software is just coded with the same names so they match and the user can identify which fan is which.


Some third party monitoring software seems to be able to determine the differences between fan headers, such as CPU Fan, Chassis Fan, Power Fan, etc. That info must come from the mother board and not from the fans. But they don't know that a fan is a "Corsair 120mm", or a "Corsair H60 Pump".


The monitoring program HWiNFO allows you to change the names shown in it's display, which is nice. Most others don't AFAIK.


It sounds like you have things under control. Just keep an eye on the CPU temperature and pump speed, since sometimes fan (pump) controllers don't seem to hold their settings perfectly as time passes, so you may need to make minor adjustments occasionally.


Use the stock cooler? :eek: Turn in your PC Enthusiast/Nerd ID card right now! ;):

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