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my Asus miniITX m/b not in configurator list: SODIMM with heat-spreader?


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I was hoping to get some additional DDR3 1333 SODIMM suggestions from the configurator on this website for the motherboard I just ordered, but the m/b doesn't appear in the configurator's dropdown list:




Is that because the m/b is recently introduced?


I want to install 8GB. The ASUS website has this Part# on their Qualified Vendors List: CORSAIR CMSO4GX3M1A1333C9 (4GB).


The m/b might be going into a SFF case where heat could become a factor. Are there any CORSAIR SODIMMS compatible with this m/b that have a low-profile heat-spreader that wouldn't obstruct a third-party heatsink?



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I am sorry but no, and I do not think you will find a desktop or notebook system that would run reliably above 40 Deg C. But memory in general will run stable much hotter than any desktop system can stand. But normal Operating Temp for all of or memory products would -5-45 Deg C.
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