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Can't get my RAM to run with 2000MHz


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Hello everyone,

I purchased 2 modules of Corsair RAM with the number: CMT12GX3M3A2000C9.

When i start the computer it runs with 1066MHz and is booting fine.

When changing the DRAM frequence in bios from "auto" to "1866MHz" i can still boot the system - above i dont.

i tried to use the X.M.P. profile - does not work.

i tried changing the BLCK manually and choosing 2006MHz for the RAM and decreasing the cpu amplifier, to not overclock it to much. i also changed the DRAM voltage to 1.65V.

also tried to switch the timing settings to the numbers which should be, indicated by the specifics but that couldnt get me anywhere too.

i am ok with running the system at 1866MHz, but i would be glad if there is a way to run them with the 2000MHz i initially bought them to run with.

my hardware is shown in my profile.



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No sorry we do not support officially mixing sets like that, not to mention thee is more of a loading issue as you add more memory and its common to have to run them at a slower frequency when you fill all of the slots. I would try and run them at DDR1600 if the system is not stable at XMP settings.
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