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Firmware update 1.3.2 still causes random BSODs


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Hello folks,


I've successfully updated from the original 1.2 to 1.3, which still had random BSODS. Finally when I saw that 1.3.2 was available, I updated to that as well. I still get random BSODs. Sometimes it'll be within a few hours of a reboot and sometimes it'll be after a day or two.


I'm always doing different things when it happens as well. It happens from browsing the internet to gaming. It even happens when completely idle and I am away.


I came from a Corsair Nova which never had these problems but the Nova's drive health deteriorated over time and eventually caused too many corrupt files, which was why I upgraded to this fricking "performance" drive. I'm writing not to vent, but to let the Corsair team know that 1.3.2 did NOT solve the BSOD problems. A quick browse through this forum shows that I am not the only one. Please fix this annoyance. Thanks.

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