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Force F120 died


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Add another one to the list. Mine as well has +-6months of use and it just died on me a couple of days ago. I was so satisfied with it until one morning my laptop didn't wanted to boot up windows, after some basics tests and checkups I noticed that the bios was not recognizing it. I also tried to plug it externally to other pc to save my data but is asking me to format it first =\


I want to send it to a data recovery service but I need to know that corsair will apply my guaranty on it first.


I am bittersweet to notice that this is not an isolated problem but I just hope I can get more information that can lead me to recover my files. I agree also that this type of information should be more on the open, it would avoid people loosing important stuff while wrongly assuming the SSD and or this particular brand/model has a high risk of failing without any sort of signs.

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