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My Force Series 3 120gb Experience (positive)


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Hi all, first post and I just wanted to say that this forum has been extremely helpful in configuring my system to run with the Force Series 3 120gb drive.


Lessons learned:

1. SATA cables make a huge difference. I benchmarked my SSD and noticed it was running subpar. Opened the intel storage controller and noticed it was running at 3Gb/s on a SATA 3 controller. These were brand new cables out of a GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 motherboard I used to build my system. I swapped them out for others bundled with the motherboard and it worked. (Honestly, I thought the SATA cable thing was kind of a crock at first, but I was surprised when it did the trick).

2. You're gonna go through a couple installs of windows probably to get everything right. It's the nature of the bleeding edge technology.

3. The parted magic disc becomes your friend during all these installs - that secure erase is quick and easy.

4. After you reinstall and add on other drives expect the SSD to get kicked out of the boot priority for your harddrives - revisit the bios to change that each time you add a drive.

5. My experience was fairly painless; no blue screens, no stuttering, no wake issues, etc. YMMV


I attached some benchmarks of my drives. The Raid 5 does surprisingly well. Even if the SSD were slower it'd still be the better option for an OS install disc as the I/O with the SSD drives is outrageous.


Just thought I'd share!




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