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Corsair Force 3 120 GB


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Hello , im new and i m a noob in informatic, so be nice pls.

Ok i have a evgta 141-bl-e760-a1 that runs a intel sata II 80gb

All fine but i want a larger ssd so i brougth this 120gb force 3, good price, very happy about.

The idea was to copy the old sdd to the new one using Paragon Migrate or similar.

Problem is that when i plug the force3 the pc just stops at the first screen, it shows me the 2 ssd and nothing more happen.

If i plug the force3 to the esata it works.

Then i decided to be less conservative and start a new installation, so i plug the force 3 alone and still my pc stops to the first screen.


So i have this ssd and i m not able to make it works. ANy suggestion???

thx in advance

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