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CMPSU-650TX problem with UPS?


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I recently bought a CyberPower 1500PFCLCD battery backup unit for my computer. When I first hooked it up, I ran the self-test on the UPS and everything worked fine. It cut to battery power, then back to AC power... no problems.


I couple months later, I decide to run the self-test again, and this time after the UPS switches back to AC power, my monitor loses the signal from the PC and the computer is locked up.


So I decide to test it again, but this time by actually switching off the breaker to the outlet where the system is plugged in, and the same thing happened. I had some music playing from my computer this time, just so I could be positive it was the computer locking up and not just the monitor. It continued running fine on battery power, but then as soon as I switched the breaker back on, the monitor went black, the music stopped playing and the computer was locked up.


I checked the event log and it gives me the 'Event-ID' 41 error about losing power unexpectedly.


The main reason I bought this UPS unit was because it was supposed to be compatible with the CMPSU-650TX power supply because of the Active PFC.


If anybody has had a similar experience, or knows anything that could help me out, that would be great.



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