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Issues with Performance 3 series 128 GB SSD...HELP


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Hello all,


I have been having nothing but issues with my Performance 3 series 128GB SSD that I bought in August this year (2011).


I am running a AMD Phenom 1090 6 core processor on a Asus M4A89GTD USB3 PRO motherboard. I have AHCI enabled at the bios level.


I installed Windows 7 from scratch and it worked for a few months but was quirky at times where it would take too long to boot at times or have other issues with performance and I kept thinking I had installed something wrong. I did try and run a chkdisk on it and windows (in the cmd mode during next boot up when it can run the chkdsk on your OS drive) reported a few errors that it tried to correct and I wondered why that was happening...


This weekend I decided to start from scratch again and re-install a fresh Win 7 OS (by doing a quick format as recommended in various forums for an SSD).


All I have now is the base OS on the SSD and its using about 26.5 GB and yet its acting up...first when I installed HD Tune Pro and I tried doing an error check and it crashed the program. I rebooted and then tried installing AVG Free (the free version of the anti virus) and I got the blue screen of death from the system...when i rebooted in repair mode (which it recommended) it is still running for over 45 mins which sounds too long for a SSD to execute anything over a 128 GB amount of space...


Are others facing issues with P3 series and if so what would you recommend or is it time to request an RMA and get a replacement?


Please help!




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