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So where do I begin?


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I am new to the SSD world, but after reading reviews and watching my wallet I went with the Corsair Force 3.


When I run ATTO, it appears that I may have a bottle neck somewhere. I only have SATA2, but I believe my results should be a little bit higher, if not double?

Where do I begin to troubleshoot? I am in AHCI mode, but my device manager is using the generic driver for my onboard sata controller, "Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA controller". Is this holding me back? I looked for hours and could not find a win7 driver that would work. I appreciate your help guys.

Firmware 1.3.2

Brand new win7 install with all updated drivers.


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Did you instal your Chipset drivers?

Did you install IRST?


He can't use IRST on this platform, it's AMD.


With your ECS mother board, you need to figure out what chipset you have. Hopefully it is an AMD chipset, but I have no idea what's on that board. It's the Southbridge or SATA Interface controller, if AMD it will be something like 7xx (700 series) or 8xx (800 series). Can you get info for this board on ECS' web site?


ECS ought to have drivers for your board, or if it does have an AMD SATA chipset, you can get them from AMD. Looking at your test numbers, I'm wondering if... could this be a SATA I speed board? How old is it?

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